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If you have recently found mold growing within your home or business, your first reaction may be anger or frustration. However, it does not need to be that way. When you discover any mold inside your property, call Service Restoration of Arkansas right away! We have years of experience dealing with hundreds of different kinds of strains of mold. This experience has given us time to develop and perfect our one-of-a-kind mold remediation process. When you call Service Restoration of Arkansas, there is no doubt that your anger and frustration will be replaced by a sigh of relief.

At Service Restoration of Arkansas, our top priority is serving each and every one of our customers as if they were family. Since families are there for each other at all times, so are we! We remain open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year to make sure that you are never left on your own during a difficult time like this. We are licensed and insured to perform any mold remediation related cleanup, and we use only the industry leading mold removal technology. On top of this, we train our new employees extensively before they begin working on an actual property. This allows us to assure you that regardless of which mold remediation crew you are assigned, the job will get done right.

Mold is a particularly dangerous issue that can present itself in a building because of its potentially dangerous effects. Aside from posing serious health risks, mold can also deteriorate the structural integrity of your home or business. Depending on how long the mold has been present inside your property, these effects may vary. Luckily for you, Service Restoration of Arkansas has the professionally trained crews and latest technology to easily identify whether or not the structural integrity of your home or business has been compromised. Either way, we will work diligently to make sure your property is safe to reenter once we have finished our work.

Professional Black Mold Removal In Homes and Businesses Throughout Little Rock

mold remediation services
Some of our customers call us saying that they tried cleaning mold themselves with a homemade bleach mix. It is important to know that when dealing with extensive mold growth, bleach does not work. Only a professional mold remediation company like Service Restoration of Arkansas has the proper cleaning solutions necessary to completely eliminate mold. It does not matter whether your mold growth originated around a leaky pipe, humid surface, or for any other reason, Service Restoration of Arkansas will take on the job with ease.

We take our unique mold remediation process very seriously. That is why we always begin by doing a complete walk through of your property to assess where the mold has spread to. Once this is complete, we will speak directly with you to explain what steps are necessary to remediate your home or business. During the actual cleaning process, we will be available to you for any questions regarding our advanced cleaning protocol. We always make sure to clean every surface at least two times to ensure you that no trace amounts of mold are left behind. After we finish working, we will always ask for your approval. At Service Restoration of Arkansas, we are not done until you say we are!

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Customer Reviews & Testimonials

  • These Guys are amazing! After our sewer backed up in our basement, they were there the next morning, cleaned and sanitized the place, tooks everything out and you would have never known it ever happened. Definitely the right people to call. Thanks again guys! B. Betchkal
  • We had to remodel nearly our entire home and now it looks incredible. The team at Service Restoration was extremely helpful and thorough. In the unfortunate event of more damage to our home, I will absolutely be using them again. R. VonBank

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