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No job is too big for the fire damage restoration experts at Service Restoration of Arkansas. Our years of handling the worst fire-damaged properties has taught us one thing above all else: fires do not wait for a convenient time for you. That is why we remain committed to our customers by staying open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. So whether your home or business catches fire in the morning, afternoon, or the middle of the night, we will be waiting for your call. If you have recently experienced any fire damage inside your property, call Service Restoration of Arkansas today!

Professional Smoke Damage Restoration for Commercial and Residential Properties Throughout Little Rock

Fires are one of the most unexpected and dangerous disasters that can occur at any home or business at any time. Even if a fire does not threaten your life, it will certainly leave behind significant damage. If you have recently experienced fire damage on your property, call Service Restoration of Arkansas right away. When you call, we will send a crew to your home or business the same day. We are fully licensed and insured to restore any size building after a fire, and we have years of experience dealing with properties ranging in size from a small home to a large industrial complex. So whatever the cause of the fire or extent of damage, you can trust Service Restoration of Arkansas to get the job done right.

Service Restoration of Arkansas crews are always the first people on site at your property once the first responders put out the fire. It is important that you call us as soon as the fire has been extinguished because fire damage is time sensitive, and the longer you wait the more damage the structure of your home may face. Our years of experience dealing with fire damage has made us able to quickly identify a whole host of hidden problems many properties face after a fire. This includes extensive electrical issues or water damage from the fire extinguishing process. In some cases, these issues can make it dangerous for you to enter your property before we assess it. So once the fire has been put out, call Service Restoration of Arkansas before you step foot into your home or business.

After we assess the damage done to your property, the first thing we will do is board up your home or business. This will keep your personal belongings safe from intruders, and it is also required by most insurance companies for that very reason. After that, the crew leader will pull you aside and explain the restoration process to you. Our employees are trained to understand that this is a difficult time for you, and they will be extraordinarily kind and compassionate while they guide you through the restoration process.

You may believe that all the items in your home or business that were charred from the fire cannot be restored. However, Service Restoration of Arkansas has new technology that allows us to fully restore some of your charred belongings. Additionally, if some of your items are too damaged to restore, we will work with you and your insurance provider to make sure they are replaced quickly.

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  • These Guys are amazing! After our sewer backed up in our basement, they were there the next morning, cleaned and sanitized the place, tooks everything out and you would have never known it ever happened. Definitely the right people to call. Thanks again guys! B. Betchkal
  • We had to remodel nearly our entire home and now it looks incredible. The team at Service Restoration was extremely helpful and thorough. In the unfortunate event of more damage to our home, I will absolutely be using them again. R. VonBank

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